Talismans and Charms

German nickel heart bell spirit callers come in a red velvet carrying bag to protect the finish. Traditionally given as a token of love, these bells create a clean chime that prompts the spirit and awakens the heart. Available as a handheld bell or as a keyring. Great for altars or as romantic gifts.


Buddha, the enlightened one. He brings balance and harmony to the mind, removing fears by exposing the delusions of false ego and self-grasping ignorances. These pocket talismans are about the size of a nickel and good for mojo bags, altars, and more.


Traditionally, the shamrock represents the holy trinity: the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. The rare fourth leaf symbolizes God's Grace, or in other words, Good Luck! The pocket talismans are about the size of a nickel and are good for mojo bags, altars, and more.


Hand-carved from resin, these shrunken heads are made for good luck, generosity, and honesty. These replicas are made to imitate the traditional shrunken heads known to the Amazon region. It was believed that shrinking the head of a slain enemy would prevent the vengeful spirit from harming you. They also served as warnings to other enemies when displayed. Our shrunken heads can be used for altars or kept in doorways and hallways, each one is individual and unique.

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Our own line of magickal talismans created for a selection of commonly sought purposes. Place all the charms into the talisman bag, and also write down your intentions and wishes onto the provided parchment to aim your goals. Carry the bag with you, especially during the times when you wish the effects to take place. You may add other items as well to customize or enhance the talisman such as drops of oil, herbs, crystals, gemstones, or personal artifacts.


About the size of a penny, the worry dolls are a very popular tradition. According to legend, children of Guatemala tell one worry to each doll when they go to bed at night and put them under their pillow. When they wake up in the morning, the dolls have taken their worries away.


Arrowheads symbolize the hunter and help to support cunning directive, an adventuring spirit, adroitness, and protection. Use arrowheads to direct energy in candle rituals, or carry them in mojo bags to receive their powers. Each arrowhead comes with a mojo bag plus instructions and information.


Senior Arame dolls to protect children from nightmares and bad dreams. His body attracts the bad dreams, his arms and legs trap them, and his hands and feet decimate them! These dolls are handmade in Mexico.


Chancitos are traditional clay three-legged pig charms from Chile. They are given to friends and family as a token of good luck and fortune. It is said that the pigs who were able to escape the hunting traps were the lucky ones!


Hand crafted clay elephants for good luck, wisdom, and good fortune. Elephants are known to be one of the smartest animals, and have an excellent memory. Place these in your home for prosperity and luck!