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 Many Blessings,
 Marie Laveau’s House of Voodoo

What is Voodoo?
Voodoo is an umbrella term describing a collection of religious traditions and practices dispersed from Africa via enslaved trade. It is generally considered animistic, polytheistic, includes ancestor veneration as well as charms and root working elements similar to Hoodoo. For more information, please visit New Orleans Voodoo.

Who is Marie Laveau?
Marie Laveau (1801-1881) was The Voodoo Queen of New Orleans around the turn of the 19th century. She was a devout Catholic and was also known for her charitable works as well as her magical works with gris-gris, court cases and love spells. This powerful Louisiana Creole led a multi-racial community of voodooists, and her legacy fortified the future practices and image of New Orleans voodoo. It is said she was also succeeded by her daughter who took the same name and position in the New Orleans community after Marie the First’s ‘retirement’ on Saint John’s Eve 1871.She was arguably the first crisis interventions practitioner. For more information, please visit our page on Marie Laveau.

Can I place an order online, by phone or email?
We apologize, but we are currently not selling items online.

Please visit us in New Orleans at 628 Bourbon St or 713 Royal St..

I want a reading. How do I schedule an appointment and how much does it cost?
Our readings are an in house service only and booked in person on a first come first serve basis. On busy days, such as weekends, we recommend signing up at 12noon or 6pm for the next available appointment. Readings may not be booked in advance and the reader must be present to start the scheduling. Each reader sets their own prices depending on length and type of reading and experience. See our Readers page for more information on schedules and types of readings available.

I purchased a voodoo doll or another item at your store, how do I use it?
Most of our items such as voodoo dolls may be linked with you by attaching a personal item, and may be recharged by candles, prayers, oil or perfumes. Jewelry and other items may be refortified in the same manner. Keep in mind the more you interact with a doll or talisman, the more beneficial it will be. More information on the types of items and how to use them may be found on our in house offerings page.

Do you cast spells? Can you hex/curse someone for me?
Marie Laveau’s House of Voodoo is a spiritual supply store focusing on positive change and personal blessing purposes only, and does not offer spells or ceremonies as a public service. We do have many other in-house offerings including psychic and tarot readings, a beautiful altar for Marie Laveau, and many items to help attain good fortune and protection for both travelers and practitioners.

I need someone to cast a spell or blessing for me.
We do not offer spiritual services such as ceremonies or spells. You may wish to check out the Voodoo Spiritual Temple located only a few blocks away from us. They have practitioners and experts offering these types of services.

I want to learn more about Voodoo.
If you would like to learn more about Louisiana Voodoo, we have a very large selection of books at Marie Laveau’s and Reverend Zombies that may interest you. You can also find info about New Orleans Voodoo here.

What forms of payment do you accept?
Marie Laveau’s House of Voodoo and Reverend Zombie’s accept cash and all major credit cards. We require a matching ID to verify the name on the card.