Frequently Asked Questions

What types of payments are accepted for online purchases?

PayPal is a secure way to make online purchases using encrypted transactions to prevent anyone else from viewing your personal information and it currently the only method of payment we accept. PayPal also allows you to create a personal account, linking your bank account so that you can store your financial and shipping information securely and complete your purchases conveniently.

What is your return policy?

As a company policy, all sales are final and we can not offer money back guarantees for magical and spiritual items. As a general understanding, success with magical and spiritual items is based on factors other than product efficiency, such as faith, focus, and fairness. In the case that your item was received damaged, or if you received one or more incorrect items in your order, please contact us at and provide your PayPal Transaction ID# so that we can verify your order, and we will correct your order as best as possible. If we are unable to accurately fulfill your order as listed in your PayPal Transaction ID, you will be refunded for your purchase.

Can I buy something from your store that’s not listed on the website?

Yes, we are proud to offer a wide variety of unique and rare items in our stores, along with a standardized supply of authentic items and hand-made spell kits, Voodoo dolls, talismans and ritual supplies. If you are interested in purchasing something that you saw when visiting our shop, but cannot find it on our website, please send your requests to We will send you a customized invoice via PayPal’s secure encrypted billing system, which are payable with a direct PayPal account. Provided that we still have the item you are looking for, we can ship it to you virtually anywhere.

I need someone to cast a spell for me, how much does this cost?

This is a common request, though at this time we do not perform spells or ceremonies as a public service. While there have been spiritualists and magicians who have earned income with this kind of service, we encourage our supporters to actively take a role in their destinies, and thus not only achieve the results they are seeking, but also gain the wisdom found intuitively from the process of their spell, ceremony, or action, as this is just as important or sometimes more important than the material outcome itself. The Loa and Orisha will be much more apt to speak to and bless those who are willing to interact with them showing acknowledgement and respect, instead of only seeking desired outcomes and personal gain.


We do carry Spell Kits, Ritual Bags, Offering Bags, Spirit Wangas, Candles, Oils, Powders, Incense, Herbs, and Books that can help you learn and achieve the results you’re looking for. If you are uncertain of the proper mindset or objective in casting a spell or petitioning a spirit, feel free to contact us at or visit our store for some advice.


We also highly recommend our divination services performed by our staff of readers everyday. Not only will they be able to direct you in matters of spiritual development, but also help you understand why you are seeking your goals in a way that may open up your ambitions to more appropriate goals, based on the power of perspective. Sometimes a change from within is more effective than trying to change your surroundings. For more information on our readers please visit Readings.

I want to get revenge on someone who did me wrong, what do I need?

A common misconception of Voodoo in general is that it is focused on hexing people and “getting even.” We do not offer to cast spells for you or curse your neighbor, ex-spouse, etc. Please do not bother us with these kinds of questions. Have faith in karma, and understand the wisdom of the higher path. When you seek revenge by acts of violence, theft, or negative force, you lower yourself to a place that you shouldn’t want to be in.


You’ll find that not only are there solutions to your dilemmas that do not require foul play, but your mind and spirit will feel better when you achieve your retribution with legitimate business, fair play, and dignity. This will also have everybody who is observing your quarrel view you as the protagonist and give added support to your victory. Arguments and fights usually just make both parties look juvenile to everyone else who are not involved. We encourage you to focus on strengthening yourself to the point where your perceived threats are no longer a problem.