House of voodoo


Authentic Voodoo dolls


Traditional lore indicates you should attach to or put inside the doll some personal object (i.e. a hair clipping, piece of clothing, and/or photo) from the person the doll is to represent.

After the doll is linked with you, you may choose to anoint the doll with oils related to the intent the doll is for (i.e. happiness), or your perfumes. Other items may be pinned or sewn to the doll to further represent yourself and the positive things you wish to draw to you, for example a dollar bill to bring in money or a heart charm to find love.

Keep the doll in a place of honor or routine interaction to reinforce your intentions and frequently reestablish it’s link to you through meditation with a candle and refreshing the symbolic points of attraction.

Voodoo gris-gris


Blessed items are items that have been consecrated by a practitioner, priestess or other figure to bring about the magical essence of an item. Blessed items may include Gris-Gris, Mojo Bags, Skeleton Key Talismans as well as a variety of seasonal charms, provided by our in house practitioners.

Our Gris-Gris are herbal bundles with a blend of herbs, roots, and oils to attract a specific purpose i.e. Love, Money, Protection or Conquering Obstacles to name a few. Mojo Bags contain a small gris-gris, natural gemstones and other items that call to the spirit world in the name of their purpose. These later are ‘activated’ by placing a personal article in the bag alongside the charged items to link the Mojo to you. Both charms are traditionally carried in the center or left (energetic receiving) side of the body and fed periodically with oils or perfumes.

Voodoo spiritual supplies


In our shops we offer a wide variety of spiritual supplies that any seasoned practitioner may recognize and also that any beginners can use. These include; 7day spells candles, Taper Candles, All Natural Oils, Incense, Resins, Herb Packs and Sage, Crystals, Roots, Teeth, Bones, Skulls, and Spiritual Waters.

We also have Offering Kits and Spell Kits that include a bit of the mentioned items above, all dedicated to one goal or spirit that are specially prepared by our practitioners. Spell kits are bundles of items designed and assembled to help a beginner or practitioner quickly obtain all the items needed for a particular spell, or an assemblage of items to set up a small offering ritual to a particular deity or spirit. They usually include a candle, cloth, charms, incense, oils, stones or herbs to help assist with one’s positive aim.



Along with the blessed items we have such as gris-gris and mojo bags, we also stock a variety of pocket charms and talismanic jewelry. These items can bring about luck, protection and a myriad of other blessings due to their symbolic natures or construction.They may utilize symbols, colors, imagery or natural elements that represent the intended purpose of each item.

We also have a large variety of “Evil Eye” charms that are used to ward off the evil eye of envy or resentment. From Loa Bracelets, to evil eye necklaces and crystal rings in between, there’s hundreds of options to decide from for you magical adornments and good juju gifts.



In many cultures across the world you can find altars and shrines of dedication. These are mostly honoring deities, spirits and ancestors beyond the veil. Our altar to Marie Laveau is one such place to leave offerings and petitions to this powerful Voodoo Queen, an ancestor of our magical city. You may also choose to place a particular prayer or petition in her care as an intercessor of Divine Providence.
House of Voodoo Statues


The shops also sell many different types of statues and devotional images for building altars, honoring spirits or house blessings. We have handmade gypsum statuary of many catholic saints, The Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau, Lord of Death, Kimbanda Exus and Pomba Giras as well as Orisha statues.

House of Voodoo souvenirs and items


We have original House of Voodoo designs on a variety of items at both of our locations. T-Shirts, Shot Glasses, Magnets, Postcards and Much More
Voodoo books and tarot cards


Our Shops carry over 40 different types of tarot and divination tools and stock a large selection of books on Voodoo, Hoodoo, Rootwork, Conjure, Santeria, Ifa, Witchcraft and Spiritualism.


At Marie Laveau’s House of Voodoo you can see many folk art items and spiritual objects from cultures around the globe, not limited to those with a direct influence on New Orleans Voodoo.

Masks, ceremonial tools, artifacts and house blessings adorn the walls and ceiling of the shop. These items were used or were fashioned upon original spiritual artifacts. Such objects are used in religious ceremonies, have social significance or they may be symbolic fetishes that resonate with particular folklore, rites or uses from these cultures. Each item will have a tag stating its origin and uses or cultural history.