Exu Capa Preta – 20cm

Exu Capa Preta – 20cm


Exu Capa Preta: Reveals that which is secret or hidden

Exu is the divine messenger and ruler of the crossroads in life. He is also known as Esu, Elegua, or Legba, he is the one who opens the doors to any opportunities in life. In particular, he stands at the crossroads between humans and the divine, and acts as the messenger between the two worlds. Exu is also a divine trickster, which is why some may view him as a devil. In truth, the trickster is not seen as evil, but helps us to recognize our flaws and improve ourselves. It helps to humble those who believe they are above others, and keeps the perspective of connectedness and community. Being the ruler of the crossroads, he understands justice in a unique way and can see many things that people cannot. Exu can help with bringing good luck, protection, knowledge, communication, opportunity, healing and strength.

This image statue is 20cm tall (7.8 inches) and stands on a platform base.