Runes Necklaces

Runes Necklaces


Feoh - The rune of success. Something you have been striving for is within your grasp

Uruz - Wild ox; Rune of strength and good health indicates ability to resist disease.

Turaz - The rune of wealth and good fortune. Points to gains both material and emotional from an unexpected source.

Raido - Rune of travel and safe journeys. Also refers to the journey of the soul between heaven and earth.

Kenaz - Fire; Illumination; Rune of creativity. Good for artists and crafts people.

Geba - The rune of love and sexuality. Predicts success in love relationships.

Khor - Rune of harvest. Reaping of rewards, also the rune of true right, and cosmic justice.

Eihwaz - Rune of self defense refers to the yew tree from which weapons were fashioned.

Parz - The rune of mystery. Points to something hidden come to light.

Sigel - Rune of will and self confidence. Provides the power and path to follow to make positive changes.

Tyr - The rune of victory. Points to success in competition.

Dagaz - Rune of the new day. Points to a fresh start, and signifies a time of growth and prosperity.