Murray & Lanman’s Florida Water Cologne

Murray & Lanman’s Florida Water Cologne


Having both spiritual and practical purposes, Florida Water is used to cleanse the soul, attract good luck and to provide protection; it can be used as a body lotion, in the bath, or be used to soften the skin before a shave.

Use Florida Water like Holy Water for cleansings, to bring about good luck and protection. When using it on your skin, it contracts with the pores and tones-up the skin, leaving it with a feeling of freshness and radiance.

"The enduring popularity the Florida Water is due to its wonderful light floral scent with lemon overtones. Unchanged since 1808, this revitalizing scent is used as an invigorating splash, aftershave, or fragrant addition to the bath. For more than 200 years men and women have loved the Florida Water® scent, named for the Fountain of Youth." - Official Site

Use Florida Water to cleanse, whether it's the soul or just your hands