A Diverse History


How To Use A Voodoo Doll
How to use a voodoo doll
Uses of Voodoo Dolls Today

Today, Voodoo Dolls have been accepted as an effective form of sympathetic
magic(using items related or similar to the point of influence) and practitioners of the folk-magic like branch of voodoo may use them to create an image of themselves or others to use as a point of power for directing positive energies. You may also see ‘voodoo dolls’ representing gods or spirits that are used on personal altars in the same fashion.

At our shops we have dolls that may be used in such a way, for positive purposes only,
to attract positive change into your life.

The History Of Voodoo Dolls

In modern times voodoo dolls are inseparable from the public idea of voodoo. Largely irreverent to Voodoo practiced as a religion or spiritual path, voodoo dolls became linked with our traditions through Western popular culture and media. However, the concept of a human shaped effigy has been around for millennia and was predominantly used in witchcraft and folk-magic. Usually referred to as ‘poppets’, this western witchcraft practice became merged with the ‘new world’ black magic of voodoo through movies and novels during the early 20th century.

Historically voodoo dolls have no relation to Voodoo as a religion, either in
ceremonies or otherwise, but similar items with nails or pins in them may be found in the Congo region of Africa in the form of Nkondi. These are used to enforce oaths, community justice and bind contracts between various parties. Many more instances of dolls in the form of people and containing personal effects are found in European witchcraft and folk-magic.

The rich and diverse history of voodoo dolls spans multiple continents, traditions, and cultures. Much like the spiritual melting pot of New Orleans, voodoo dolls in modern use are born from the idea that the best practice is the one that works.

In our shop, you will find a very broad range of types of voodoo dolls made from
different practitioners around the region. If one of our dolls has chosen you, we wish you success in your workings to attract positive change into your life.